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Incredibly Outstanding Article re: History, Wars, Military, The US Constitution, Firearms and More, A Must Read to Share, Reblog & Tweet…

An Interview With Stephen P. Halbrook

by Carlo Stagnaro

When it comes to World War II, most people tend to figure out only two actors: the Axis vs. the Allies. In modern terms, it was a clash of civilization, so to speak, where the champions of Good and Evil fought to the death. Of course, reality is never so simple, as any individualist could point out.

The “great history” is known to everyone. But few know the role of Switzerland during the conflict. That small country succeeded in preserving its traditional liberty even when Hitler was supposed to win the war and establish a New World Order. Swiss citizens were always united in opposition to the Nazi dictatorship. Nor did they sign any sort of alliance with Britain, the US, and the Soviet Union. They had the policy of armed neutrality, and deterrence was their major arm – leave aside the weapons privately owned, which posed a major threat to any invading army, German, Soviet, or otherwise.

Recently I talked about Swiss behavior during WW2, and tried to learn something useful for our own future, with Stephen P. Halbrook, author of Target Switzerland. Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War II. Mr. Halbrook also authored several books and articles about the right to keep and bear arms: among them, the famous That Every Man Be Armed. The Evolution of a Constitutional Right.

STAGNARO: Many people believe Switzerland was quite “collaborationist” with Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Your book shows things went differently. How could the Swiss defend their independence without compromising with the regime of Hitler?

HALBROOK: Every man in Switzerland had a rifle at home. Shooting was the national sport. A look at a map shows tiny, democratic Switzerland surrounded by the Axis powers stretching all over Europe and into Russia and North Africa. This nation of riflemen situated in the Alps managed to remain neutral and to dissuade a Nazi invasion.

Winston Churchill, England’s wartime leader, wrote as the Allies were engaged in conquering Germany in 1944: “Of all the neutrals Switzerland has the greatest right to distinction. . . . She has been a democratic State, standing for freedom in self-defence among her mountains, and in thought, in spite of race, largely on our side.”

By contrast, the year before, Adolf Hitler stated that “all the rubbish of small nations still existing in Europe must be liquidated as fast as possible,” and that if necessary he would become known as the “Butcher of the Swiss.”

But Hitler knew that the Swiss were gun owners and that many Nazis would be butchered in the process. Located in Bern, American spy Allen Dulles, the head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), explained: “At the peak of its mobilization Switzerland had 850,000 men under arms or standing in reserve, a fifth of the total population. . . . That Switzerland did not have to fight was thanks to its will to resist and its large investment of men and equipment in its own defense. The cost to Germany of an invasion of Switzerland would certainly have been very high.”

Incidentally, Italian partisan leaders would slip over the border into Ticino, the Italian-speaking Swiss canton, and arrange with the OSS for air drops of supplies to their mountain bases.

STAGNARO: German generals studied several plans to invade Switzerland. All of them worried about the strength of the Swiss army, as well as about the ability of Swiss to make them pay a very high price. Let’s play history-fiction: had the Germans really tried an invasion, what fate would they have been likely to find?

HALBROOK: When Hitler came to power in 1933, Nazi propaganda depicted Switzerland as one of several countries to be annexed as part of “Greater Germany.” Unlike the other European neutrals, which spent money for the welfare state, the Swiss immediately began military preparations to repel an eventual German attack. In 1940, Switzerland was a potential southern invasion route to France, while Belgium and Holland were the northern invasion routes. The Germans avoided Switzerland, where every man was armed and the spirit of resistance predominated.

Just after the fall of France, the German forces devised several new invasion plans against Switzerland – the Nazis would occupy the German and French speaking areas, and Fascist Italy would occupy the Italian speaking area. These plans acknowledged that the Swiss were well-trained marksmen, and recommended considerable forces for the attack. While Hitler hated Switzerland – which he called a “pimple” on the face of Europe – for refusing to join the New Order, he was distracted by the Battle of Britain and then by Operation Barbarossa, the battle with the Soviet Union in 1941.

Yet just days before the assault on Russia, Hitler and Mussolini met on the Brenner. The record states: “The Führer characterized Switzerland as the most despicable and wretched people and national entity. The Swiss were the mortal enemies of the new Germany.” The Duce called Switzerland “an anachronism.” Attack plans against Switzerland continued to be made.

When the Fascist government collapsed and the liberation of southern Italy began, Germany occupied northern Italy – which greatly increased the risk to Switzerland. Germany wanted the Swiss Alpine routes to ship soldiers and weapons, and the Swiss refused. But Switzerland provided sanctuary to Italian and French partisans and refugees.

A Nazi invasion of Switzerland during any of the above periods would have faced the following: The Swiss border forces would have fought to the death and would have been eliminated. But the bridges and roads were charged with explosives and would be destroyed, as would the Gotthard and Simplon tunnels on the Alpine routes to Italy.

The Swiss forces were concentrated in the Alpine Réduit. Panzers and the Luftwaffe could not operate in these steep mountains. Wehrmacht infantry would have been subjected to murderous fire from artillery hidden in mountain sides. Swiss forces could hold out indefinitely in the Alps.

Any German occupation of parts of Switzerland would have had extreme costs in blood. Unlike any country Germany occupied, every Swiss man had a rifle at home. The Swiss government and military ordered that no surrender would take place, and any report of a surrender was to be regarded as enemy propaganda. The Swiss would have waged a partisan war unequaled in European history. While many Swiss would have been killed, the invaders would have faced a Swiss sniper behind every tree and every rock.

STAGNARO: You make a strong point in defense of the Swiss military organization: Switzerland could resist against Germany thanks to its armed citizenry. Do you believe this system is still good, despite the dramatic changes we have experienced in the last decades, both in the kind of enemies (e.g., terrorism) and in the ways of waging wars?

HALBROOK: Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a Swiss militiaman: “You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?” The soldier replied: “We will shoot twice and go home.”

Still today, every Swiss male on reaching age 20 years old is required to attend recruit school and issued a Fucile d’assalto 90 (model 1990, 5.6 mm selective fire rifle) to keep at home. Many women also participate in the shooting sports, as do teenagers and elderly persons. Weapons are carried so commonly on public transportation, around towns, and to hotels – especially when a shooting match is about to occur – that foreigners think a revolution is occurring. For an example of a contemporary shooting match which took place in the Swiss canton of Ticino, visit my website and look for “An Armed Society.”

The Swiss militia army consists primarily of an infantry of the armed populace, but also includes modern artillery – some of which is hidden in Alpine fortifications – and fighter jets. As for terrorism, depending on the circumstances, a vigilant and armed populace may be instrumental in stopping a massacre. If terrorist acts occur on Swiss soil, the citizenry will resist however possible.

STAGNARO: Most RKBA supporters assert that gun control is the key to tyranny. In fact, Hitler disarmed his enemies (starting from German Jews) before they could organize a resistance. Do you believe there’s a link between the Swiss tradition of an army of the people, and the tradition of liberty of that country?

HALBROOK: Machiavelli said it best: the Swiss are “armatissimi e liberissimi.” From 1291, when the Swiss Confederation was born, armed Swiss peasants and herdsmen resisted the aggression of some of the great armies of Europe. Every man was expected to provide his own arms and to defend against any invasion.

When Hitler came to power, his henchmen burned the Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists – the excuse to suspend all constitutional rights and to disarm all political opposition. Under the gun control laws passed by the liberal Weimar republic, the Nazis began disarming Jews. Then came Reichskristallnacht in 1938, in which the Nazis smashed up businesses and homes with the excuse that the Jews were dangerous and must be disarmed. Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler threatened 20 years in the concentration camp for any Jew caught with a gun.

When the Nazis occupied France and other countries, they found the registration lists of firearm owners in the police departments. Gun owners who did not turn in their firearms within 24 hours were shot, as were those who failed to inform on their friends and relatives. For whatever reason, historians have shown no interest in highlighting the cruel fate of Jews and subjects in the occupied countries who were firearm owners. And yet some of these gun owners who eluded the Nazis were able to use their firearms to save their families, refugees, and others and even to mount armed resistance. The Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943 was initiated with only a half dozen illegal handguns.

In Switzerland, the only “gun control” law was that every man must shoot accurately at 300 meters. Had they attacked, the Nazis would have needed no gun registration records – they could have assumed that every man had a gun. As war clouds approached, in 1938 at the World Shooting Championships held in Luzern, Switzerland, Swiss Federal President Philipp Etter declared:

“There is probably no other country that, like Switzerland, gives the soldier his weapon to keep in the home. . . . With this rifle, he is liable every hour, if the country calls, to defend his hearth, his home, his family, his birthplace. The weapon is to him a pledge and sign of honor and freedom. The Swiss does not part with his rifle.”

The Nazis heard this message in countless other venues. They knew that they could not execute every Swiss for having a weapon – instead, they knew that countless German soldiers would die from Swiss snipers. The powerful German army could make Switzerland into a wasteland, but the German blood that would be spilled was unacceptably high, and the country would be ungovernable.

STAGNARO: The American Founding Fathers warned that a professional standing army could be a threat to liberty, because it induces a strong temptation to imperialism. In your vision, is there any correlation between the peculiar military organization of the Switzerland, and its neutrality?

HALBROOK: America’s Founding Fathers recognized that standing armies were dangerous to liberty because such armies oppressed the population domestically and engaged in wars of imperialist aggression. That is why the United States originally followed the Swiss model of republicanism, a militia army, and neutrality. America’s founders wished to avoid “entangling alliances” in Europe, and the US entered World Wars I and II reluctantly.

A militia army includes virtually all able-bodied males under arms in a country, and thus challenges any invader with unending guerilla warfare. A standing army consists of professional soldiers forming a small proportion of a country’s population. Numerous standing armies in Europe collapsed before the onslaught of Hitler’s blitzkrieg – the governmental elites surrendered and ordered the soldiers to lay down their arms. An attack on Switzerland would have encountered no elite to surrender, and instead armed resistance at every turn.

The organization of the Swiss military as a militia meant that, while it could protect its country, it could not have invaded another country. This was the experience since medieval times. Armed Swiss commoners defeated the mightiest armies of invading knights at numerous battles – they left Charles the Bold in a ditch with his head crushed by a halberd at Nancy in 1477 – but were themselves defeated when they ventured into foreign lands, such as at Marignano in 1515.

The above is the key to Swiss neutrality. Militia armies are good at defending their own countries, but are no good at attacking other countries, and thus avoid foreign wars. Both militia defense and neutrality thus promote the ideals of peace.

One last thought. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution declares: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Besides being influenced by the Swiss example, America’s Founders were also inspired by Cesare Beccaria’s Dei Delitti e delle Pene (1764), which characterized as “false idee di utilità” the laws that prohibit peaceable citizens from carrying arms, which encourage attacks by armed criminals against unarmed victims.

As the world community enters an uncertain 21st century, the lessons of history will either be learned or its mistakes will be repeated.











































Flowers Photos from Me to You!

Good day fellow bloggers and friends, I hope this post finds everyone well, happy, healthy and safe.

Its been a while since my last posts, especially photography since I have been overwhelmed with studio work producing bands and artists and composing music for film and an array of multi media, but Most of all, my children and family, but I’ve finally snapped some shots of flowers in my neighborhood.  This season there wasn’t much to photograph, perhaps climate change had an impact of less blooms than that of last year, but I was surprised not see the usual blooms I am used to seeing throughout my community.  Saddening if it is in fact due to climate change, and that is something I believe in unlike much of our government, but there are scientific facts that prove otherwise. As far as music goes, I am finally complete with recording and producing this new album by the metal band Stories of Solitude: http://www.Reverbnation.com/StoriesofSolitudeBand and now going into the mixing phase that is always a daunting task, then on to mastering, packaging and distribution of the album.  For you metal heads, you will love it, for those not into metal, there are plenty of beautiful songs, ballads and acoustic versions of songs that will appeal to anyone’s ears.  I will keep you all updated on the progress as I move forward.

Now, for my this years Flowers Photography.  I snapped some beautiful shots, some look like they were shot in the dead of darkness, but all shots we taken in bright full sun daylight. Thanks to the incredible operating system and settings on my Canon 5D mkIII, this camera is so outstanding that I can’t believe I took the shots and I am not a pro by any means. Furthermore, it bothers me that you all may not see the quality of the photos the same way as I do as I have high quality expensive HD Graphics Cards in my systems and 32″ HD Monitors. Even when I view the photos on my HP laptop, they appear dull and nearly not enough life in them and seemingly don’t have the same quality as viewed on my main workstations. Thus, I hope you all see the very same beauty in them as I do…so, here are a few for starters, enjoy and as always, I love comments, not for an ego boost, but just to receive comments is a blessing.  Thanks all, and many, many blessings.  Michael.

Flowers Photos Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 008_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 024_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 031_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 034_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 052_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 064_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 091_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 123_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 125_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 139_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 152_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 158_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 165_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 176_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 192_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 208_1a Flowers Photos (62714) Vault 214_1a

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Flowers for this Beautiful & Blessed 4th of July…

Happy 4th of July to all and to America…God Bless!

Finally…ugh, with my busy busy all too busy busy schedule, I got out for my walks with my boys, and snapped some absolutely lovely, gorgeous flowers in our community.  Although, this year, for some reason unknown, there hasn’t been that many flowers and new blossoms as it was yesteryear…interesting noticing this however, I was fortunate enough to capture these lovely colors of life.  I sincerely hope you all love them as much as I do, and appreciate the very beauty they offer to us all, please leave me comments as I love socializing with you all here…flowers make my every day.  Many Blessings to all, Happy 4th of July, give Great Thanks to all before us for paving the way for America to be The Greatest Place on Earth to live.  Although there are plenty of other Amazing Greatest places to live as well, but this is my, our country, and I love it and cherish it and I am extremely, highly grateful to all before me for giving me such a blessed and fortunate life to live.  I above all, honor and respect those who have and are still serving our country and world abroad for the very freedoms such as those we are so very privileged to be blessed with.

Michael Red Crow Mulholland


Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography Today Flowers (070314) Vault 091_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 107_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 133_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 145_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 165_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 185_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 188_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 201_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 207_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 225_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 234_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 236_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 249_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 257_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 260_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 264_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 273_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 278_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 293_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 309_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 311_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 322_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 325_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 330_1a Today Flowers (070314) Vault 338_1a

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Happy Independence Day July 4, 1776…July 4th, 2014


Let Freedom Ring!


For 17 days in June of 1776, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, a document that both captured and expressed the deep convictions of the American people and would eventually be known as our nation’s ultimate symbol of liberty.

Collectively, the Declaration, the Constitution (1787), and the Bill of Rights (1789) are known as The Charters of Freedom—and while each of these played a crucial role in the birth and development of the United States, 75.9% of Americans polled named the Declaration of Independence as the most important document in our nation’s history.

Among the 56 names listed at the bottom of the document, Jefferson’s signature can be found in Column 3, below Richard Henry Lee and above Benjamin Harrison.

Although Jefferson went on to become the 3rd President of the United States, he is perhaps more notably remembered as the chief author of the Declaration and as one of our nation’s founding fathers.

Fast forward to today, in the midst of our ongoing fight for the freedoms affirmed in our Constitution and envisioned by these forefathers, and Jefferson is still entirely relevant. You see, Jefferson was a strong believer in personal responsibility and the rights of the individual.

And I can’t think of any right that carries more responsibility than the right to keep and bear arms.

Today, it’s estimated that there are over 10 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States.

Think about it: 10 million people who have taken responsibility for their own safety, and for the safety of those they love.

I don’t know about you, but those are some numbers I really like.

The bottom line is, we are a force of good.

Now here’s something really cool:

In 1809, Thomas Jefferson quoted Cesare Beccaria’s Essay on Crimes and Punishments when he said that “laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

That’s a pretty powerful statement, one that rings just as true today as it surely did back then.

I find it incredibly reassuring to know that what the USCCA—and what you and I—have committed ourselves to is backed by over 200 years of American history.

This Independence Day, take a moment to look back at the incredible spirit of those who came before us. I can only hope that 200 years from now, people will look back and remember us as the ones who—like Jefferson—stood up and fought for what we so passionately believed in: faith, family, and FREEDOM.
Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt
Publisher – Concealed Carry Report
USCCA Founder


Happy Independence Day, The 4th of July 2014…


Happy Independence Day!

Patriotism Prevails & Our Nation is Born

Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1776, the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and became known as the United States of America.

Independence Day

John Adams (2nd U.S. President), spoke of this day – Independence Day, as being, “The most memorable epoch in the history of America…it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival…It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

The American Revolution

Throughout the 1750s and 1760s, tensions rose between Great Britain and her Thirteen North American colonies, due to the colonial struggle against the economic and political policies of Britain. The result: a break-out of fighting in 1775 at Lexington and Concord. This marked the beginning of the American Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783), also known as the American War of Independence.

At the start of the war, the Americans were without a regular army or “standing army”, but each colony traditionally had its own defenses through a local militia. Seeking to coordinate military efforts and increase patriotic force, the Continental Congress established the Continental Army in June 1775, and appointed George Washington as commander-in-chief.

During the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Marines were formed at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pa. on Nov. 10, 1775 by a resolution of the Continental Congress, marking Nov. 10 as the official birthday of the Marine Corps.

After the American victory at Saratoga in 1777, France, Spain, and the Netherlands entered the war against Great Britain. A naval victory in the Chesapeake led to the surrender of a British army at Yorktown in 1781, which crushed political support in London.

Ultimately, the Treaty of Paris in 1783 was signed and recognized the independence of the United States…Patriotism prevailed and our independence was won!

Holiday Customs

Independence Day is the only holiday that celebrates the United States as a whole. Americans across the country will patriotically come together with family & friends at parades, barbecues, picnics, sporting events, firework shows and more!!

Key Notes:

-Fireworks have been a part of the 4th of July celebration since 1777.

-Of all U.S. states, the town of Bristol, Rhode Island is noted for having the oldest and most continuous Independence Day celebration.

-Since 1959, NASCAR has held the Pepsi Firecracker 400 on 4th of July weekend.

-Since July 4, 1916 – the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is held in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

-Major and minor league baseball games are played & much more!



Please Support this Petition to bring Home USMC Sgt. Tahmooressi…

Hello and good day my dear friends here at WordPress. I hope this post finds you all well.

As some of you may or may not be aware of, a USMC veteran Sgt. Tahmooressi is serving time in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn and got stuck at the Mexican boarder. He asked politely to the Mexican boarder patrol to turn around and return to the U.S. and was not permitted to. He then openly, honestly, informed the Mexican authorities that he was in possession of three firearms as he set out for a camping and hunting trip in Southern California. He did this to help deal with, heal, his PTSD and to find himself again and discover a new way to adjust to a normal, social, functional and a civilian healthy way of life after serving two tours in Afghanistan. Whilst, against everything America stands for and by Law that, “We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists,” the Obama Administration traded, released five high ranking terrorist commanders for exchange of one deserter Sgt. Bergdahl. That in itself is disgraceful and highly unacceptable. I haven’t personally discovered any news media of any kind informing us Americans on what actions are underway of what our government and the Obama Administration is doing about getting our USMC hero Sgt. Tahmooressi released and home stateside with his family where he belongs.

I started this petition personally on Change.org in efforts of gaining as many signatures and supporters of this petition for the immediate release of Sgt. Tahmooressi to reach President Obama and our government as I, we, are all most certain President Obama has close ties with Mexicos Presidente and should be able to work out some deal to bring home our USMC Sgt. Tahmooressi.

I am asking this one thing of all of you here at WordPress and all my other linked social networks to please help me help Sgt. Tahmooressi and his family. To please engage this petition that all is required is your name stating you support this petition. It is private, you are not required to offer any personal information other than that of your name in support of my petition to aid in what I pray for a positive end result in the release of USMC Sgt. Tahmooressi who put his life on the line for two tours in Afghanistan in support of The War on Terrorism, to fight to make the world a safer place for us all.

Please click the link below and simply enter your name to support my petition for the right thing. Because, we Marines, “Leave No Man Behind.”

Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1o7q0oM

Sgt. Tahmooressi is a USMC war hero, two tours, honorably discharged US Marine fighting a difficult battle with PTSD and made an honest mistake and was forthcoming with Mexican authorities about making a wrong turn at the Mexican boarder, while he admitted openly about possessing firearms and ask politely to allow him to simply turn around back into the US. He was unjustly detained and is serving time in Mexico where he shouldn’t be. He should be home here in his country he defended so honorably, with his family and friends. Marines leave no man behind and it seems like his, our country and President and military he so honorably served has left him behind. I’m highly disappointed that our laws state that we do not negotiate with terrorists however, the Obama Administration chose to violate that very law by releasing five high commanding terrorists for one deserter Sgt. Bergdahl whilst our honorable Sgt. Tahmooressi is left in prison under the Mexican authories. I simply don’t understand why isn’t anything being done or accomplished to bring home our Marine. I’ve heard nothing in the news nor read in any media source of any kind what President Obama and our country is doing about getting our Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi home. I’m certain President Obama has close ties with Mexicos President and law enforcement agencies and I’m most certain that if the Obama administration and congress can release five top commanding terrorists for one deserter you’d think they could, could’ve already established a relationship with the Mexican government to release our Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi. At this point, as an American, I demand that President Obama and his administration set forth highly effective efforts in getting Sgt. Tahmooressi, our Marine Veteran home safely, and do it Now! It’s highly affecting Sgt. Tahmooressi dealing with PTSD already enough in getting him back to a happy, socially functional life as a civilian and his imprisonment is unjust and is most definitely affecting his level of PTSD even more. Dear President Obama, please use your powers effectively and productively to carry out this highly important request for all us Americans, us Marines and veterans alike, for the Tahmooressi family, and most importantly, for Sgt. Tahmooressi and his well being. Bring our Marine Home!











Update! Stories of Solitude “Salvation” CD Complete…

Update! Stories of Solitude “Salvation” CD Complete…

Studio Update from Michael Red Crow Mulholland at Sector 7 Studio Productions Los Angeles…

The Album titled “Salvation” by the Thrash Metal Band out of North Carolina “Stories of Solitude” is complete and is now in the mixing and mastering phase. Another month of mixing and mastering isn’t so bad at all, lots of fun, redundant…yet, exciting, and this album is quite unique.  Great songs with wonderful true stories behind each song with strong powerful drumming and walls of guitars by Craig Danielson, Nicholas Fultz & Michael Red Crow Mulholland with beautiful melodic vocals by Craig Danielson trailing the ugly & nasty thrash metal screaming vocals by Joey Sourlis.  Great record coming soon my friends.  I will post more on this topic later and will most certainly post links to where the Music/CD can be Purchased and Streamed at every Online Media Venue.  I am very proud of these boys of Stories of Solitude, ages ranging from 17 to 22, they are on their way to great success and I am fortunate and blessed to be part of it, writing the songs with them, to playing instruments, orchestration, strings and cellos sections, to lead guitar solos and actually being a featured vocalist as well, and most importantly, being the Producer of this amazing record and outstanding band.  Its been a blast.  Thank you Craig, Nicholas, Joey and Ken. Michael Red Crow Mulholland.



Stories of Solitude “Salvation”

Red Crow

Michael Red Crow Mulholland

The Michael Mulholland Company

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New song called The Skies Tell Lies…

Hello all, hope this post finds you all well…

The band I’m writing with and producing Stories of Solitude has a new song we just finished up titled The Skies Tell Lies. It’s a true story about the singer of the band Craig Danielson being bullied and victimized during his school year days. There was a kid named Jacob Swanson, a big strong tough kid no one messed with. He witnessed the abuse Craig was being subjected to, and instead of turning away, instead of being a watcher and bystander, he stood up against the bullies and took Craig under his angel wings and saved and protected him. But what Craig didn’t know was that his angel hero was battling depression and Jacob never spoke of it or reached out for help. At the young age of 17 Jacob Swanson took his own life, and on a beautiful sunny day. That day, the Skies Told Lies. Of all the darkness and sadness that overwhelmed Craig’s emotions, he just couldn’t understand how such a horrible thing could happen on such a beautiful sunny day. Hence the title of the song The Skies Tell Lies. This song is written by Craig Danielson and myself, performed by the band I’m producing called Stories of Solitude produced by Michael Mulholland.


Please take the time to listen to this most touching heart wrenching ballad of Jacob Swanson called The Skies Tell Lies on my Reverbnation.com site. Click the link below and go to my site to hear the song The Skies Tell Lies.


Thank sincerely for taking the time to listen to this and to continue the fight against bullying.

Many blessings,

Michael Red Crow Mulholland
The Michael Mulholland Company
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Los Angeles, California

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My new song is a Top Chart Trending Song…

Update on my new song “Country Song.”

“Country Song” is currently a top chart trending song on Reverbnation.com. That’s awesome news.

If you have yet to hear it, please visit my music site on Reverbnation.com by clicking on the provided link. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, still have a listen to this track as I produced it with some rock n roll influence!


There are also plenty of more songs there to listen to as well, from rock n roll, to heavy metal, to country, to alternative rock to R&B…

I’d love to have you visit me there.

Thanks y’all, happy holiday season and many many blessings.

Michael Red Crow Mulholland

The Michael Mulholland Company
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“Your Production Will Thank You”

“Everything Sacred”


New song “Country Song”

I’ve written a new tune with my co-writer Harry Pridemore Jr. called “Country Song.” I performed all the instruments and vocals on this track ranging from acoustic guitars, to heavy distortion guitars using a wide array of amps and cabinets to give the song a rock, southern rock vide instead of making it traditional…about 52 tracks are involved in this song, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, heavy distortion guitars, clean chorus twang guitars, pedal steel guitar, dobro guitar, slide guitar, lead guitar, mandolin and a little fiddle with lots of vocals and backing vocals. It was fun recording and producing this song, somewhat a challenge for me due to the fact the song is of a quite boring two chord progression song, E to A up to the solo, then it inverts to A to E one run time and then back to E to A all the way through. So I had to produce the heck out of the song to give it many parts and structure to make if move, give it life…as a multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer, I would never write a song based on a two chord progression, but it just so happened the way it did and here we are, it’s a nice piece and it has life and it moves…I hope you all have a listen to it and give me some feedback comments, I’d love to hear them. Anyway, below is the link, please click on it and enjoy it. Many many thanks, truly, Michael Red Crow Mulholland.



The Michael Mulholland Company
Cherokee Trail ~ Sacred Pipe Music
Publishing & Licensing
Sector 7 Studio Productions
Long House Studio Los Angeles



New Country Song at Reverbnation.com…

Good day all and Happy Thanksgiving…

I’ve been so very busy in the studio here in Los Angeles @ Sector 7 Studio Productions ~ Long House Studios, producing an upcoming thrash metal band called Stories of Solitude “Salvation” album that will be released soon with their hit cover remake of a The Killers song “Somebody Told Me.” The music and production is coming along splendidly and we are all excited over this album.

Also, of course, producing music can wear on the ears, so I must relieve myself from the agony of repetitive songs consuming my brain, and go work on something else. So I’ve finished up a new country song titled “Country Song” that can be heard on my Reverbnation.com site @ http://www.reverbnation.com/MichaelMulholland and click the song titled “Country Song.” This song was a lot of fun producing and performing. I performed all the guitars, lead guitars, some pedal steel guitar, mandolin, lead vocals and all the backing vocals. It sure took some work, but I believe I gave this song some life and presence and it moves with the obvious country influence along with some rock, southern rock and bluesy influences. Song written by Harry Pridemore Jr. & Michael Red Crow Mulholland. This song, and of course, business as usual, are available for licensing & publishing for film & TV, anything and all multimedia and artist publishing. To see some of my film & television work, click on the button Filmography and read my Biography.

I am so looking forward to getting through the winter solstice and get back into photography, or at least take my twin boys up into the mountains here in Los Angeles where there is plenty of snow and skiing and snap some beautiful winter photography, certainly if time permits, if times gets in the way, I will have to change time and make it happen for the boys and to get some nice winter photographs and some snow days for some fun loving time with nature and my family.

I hope you all go to my music website and listen to my new country song, and all of my other music works there as well. There’s some great hit rock songs from the 80’s & 90’s, and hit radio country songs I’ve written, performed, produced & published on my music site, most of them have been licensed for use in hundreds of films and television shows, so, for your listening pleasure, go to my Reverbnation.com site @ http://www.reverbnation.com/MichaelMulholland

Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends…

Many Blessings,

Michael Red Crow Mulholland

The Michael Mulholland Company
Cherokee Trail ~ Sacred Pipe Music
Publishing & Licensing
Sector 7 Studio Productions
Long House Studio Los Angeles




Update: Producing Hit Thrash Metal Band “Stories of Solitude”

Sector 7 Studio Productions owner Michael Red Crow Mulholland at Long House Studios Los Angeles is now the “Official” producer for the hit thrash metal band Stories of Solitude recording their new EP which is turning to be a full length album titled “Salvation.” All songs will be available for streaming and download once the album is complete and will be on Sector 7 Studio Productions Reverbnation website at http://www.Reverbnation.com/MichaelMulholland.

Stories of Solitude “Salvation” Produced by Michael Red Crow Mulholland


Sector 7 Studio Productions ~ Long House Studio Los Angeles


News Update…Producing New Band…

News update. In Production…

I’m Producing the new upcoming thrash metal band Stories of Solitude out of North Carolina. These kids rock hard. I’m proud and happy to be producing them, educating and guiding them through their journey in recording and making it all mesh together.

I’ve finished up with the first track production of their remake of the hit song Somebody Told Me by The Killers. I took this track and created a wall of monstrous thundering guitars and heavy drums and created beautiful string and cello sections with some very cool sound design. The band is so excited that they’ve made me their official producer and that’s a grand thing.

Please take the time and visit my Reverbnation site to listen to this track, even if you’re like me and aren’t into thrash metal, it’s a beautiful production to say the least.

Visit http://www.reverbnation.com/MichaelMulholland and click the song Somebody Told Me.

I’ve also uploaded to my Reverbnation site my old famous band that was signed to EMI and Polygram Records in the early 90’s Medicine Wheel with famous and great guitarists Marc Ferrari of Keel and Danny Gill of Herricane Alice and our most incredible drummer the great and famous Ray Luzier of Medicine Wheel, David Lee Roth, STP and now the official drummer for Korn. Have a listen to the tracks by Medicine Wheel.

Also included on my Reverbnation site are tracks that I’ve written, performed and produced that are signed to Universal Music Group along with my award winning True Country album.

Many blessings to all, and happy holiday season…

Michael Red Crow Mulholland

The Michael Mulholland Company
Cherokee Trail ~ Sacred Pipe Music
Publishing & Licensing
Sector 7 Studio Productions
Long House Studios Los Angeles



Praying Mantis Eats Spider

Osiyo my friends…that means Hello in Cherokee.  I hope this post finds everyone well, healthy and happy…

So the story goes like this.  My twin boys and I are at the park, we spot a lovely cool green praying mantis, we each take turns in holding it, they are so very cool and spiritual, we love them and care for them with great love.  After spending time holding it, I placed it in a large tree in which it climbed up to about 7 feet high.  Then we noticed this massive spooky spider, something we dislike very much, but it was cool and I got some photos of it.  So, the spider was at the bottom of the tree, at least 7 feet from the praying mantis, I was taking photos of it, then all of a sudden it was gone.  Disappeared.  I looked up, and amazing at it was, the spider was in the arms of the praying mantis.  The spider must have seen the praying mantis and thought, hey, there’s food, but a mistake the spider made was the end of its life.  As the praying mantis held the spider, I watched in amazement the praying mantis eating each of the spiders legs first before it consumed the body of the spider…nature at its finest…WOW.  So here are some captures of the praying mantis, the spider and the praying mantis eating away at the spider…Yikes my friends, its grand to be human!

Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 057CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 059CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 073CroppedWatermark2 Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 073Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 074Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 079CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 108Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 111CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 111Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 162CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 147CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 112Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 112CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 166CroppedWatermark Photos at Nibley Park (100113) Vault 167CroppedWatermark Praying Mantis Eats Spider

© 2013 Michael Red Crow Mulholland ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Happy Birthday Our Beautiful Twins

Happy Birthday Killian Crow and Kieran Sequoyah Mulholland.  You’re 4 years now, big boys, smart, funny, loving, sweet, charming, witty, charismatic, compassionate, beautiful, amazing sons…thank you Great Spirit for these precious gifts.  Happy Birthday my babies, I love you so much, Daddy.

Killian Crow Mulholland

Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 004Watermark Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 007Watermark Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 021Watermark

Kieran Sequoyah Mulholland

Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 034Watermark Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 038Watermark Twins Birthday Photos (091513) Vault 040Watermark

© 2013 Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Praying Mantis

Introducing the Woodland Praying Mantis…I love these awesome peaceful creatures.  Enjoy!

_70A0741Watermark _70A0746Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (092313) Vault 002Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (092313) Vault 006Watermark Photos at Nibley Park (092313) Vault 009Watermark Photos at Nibley Park Vault 008Watermark Photos at Nibley Park Vault 009Watermark Photos at Nibley Park Vault 012Watermark Photos at Nibley Park Vault 019Watermark Photos at Nibley Park Vault 020Watermark Twins Photos at Nibley Park (090813) Vault 191Watermark Twins Photos at Nibley Park (090813) Vault 195Watermark

© 2013 Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Precious Moments

Oh how sweet this moment was…my wife and I took the boys to my friends Wild Life Rescue Shelter to have some fun with their animals…so precious!

Boys with Baby Kangaroo Animal Tracks Photos (083013 Vault 033Watermark Animal Tracks Photos (083013 Vault 035Watermark Animal Tracks Photos (083013 Vault 038Watermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


The Crow

These photos did not out as good as I expected due to the lighting, but I captured as best I could.  The Crow.  What can I say about the Crow?  The Crow is the most intelligent species of all birds.  Extremely intelligent and can adapt to any environment.  It is a scavenger bird, eats whatever there is to eat.  The Crow is everywhere throughout the world and is known as a nuisance bird.  Many places have open season of shooting Crows which I am opposed to.  The Crow is a sacred bird to us Native Americans and we, I, honor it.  The Crow is my spirit bird as the Bear is my strength on my Cherokee Totem. A Crow raised in captivity can learn how to communicate and out speak the most well trained Parrot. And as the Crow is my Spirit Bird, and the color Red is the sacred color of the blood that runs through my veins, from my heart to every part of my body, and through my Cherokee Vision Quest, I was named Red Crow.  I truly believe that animals should be free however I would love and would be honored to have my very own Crow, but I cannot, he must remain free to guide my spirit.  The Crow is known for carrying the soul to the Spirit World, to The Great Spirit, to Heaven.  The Crow is also known as the one who could return your soul back to life…these are of course Native American Spiritual Teachings and are very sacred to me as I am an Eastern Band Cherokee (Tsalagi) Indian.  I hope you enjoy these photos.  Would love to hear feedback as is always welcome.  Many Blessings and God Bless The Crow, My Spirit Bird.  Caw Caw!  Mitakuye Oyasin.  Red Crow

Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 037Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 048Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 046Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 054Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 045Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 040Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 047Watermark Angeles Crest Forest Photos (082813) Vault 042Watermark The Crow, My Spirit Bird

Michael Red Crow Mulholland ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Flowers for the Day

As summer draws near to its end, many of my neighborhood gardens are feeling the wrath of August heat, thus leaving me with very little of flowers to shoot. So, I went out for my walk yesterday with my wife and boys to photograph what is left to be photographed…we’ve actually had a cool summer here in Los Angeles this year but as usual, the August heat has made itself known.  Very hot indeed.  So, I hope this post finds you all well, healthy and happy.  Please enjoy these flowers as Autumn approaches there will be little left to shoot until next spring.  Many Blessings my friends, Mitakuye Oyasin, Dohiya, Red Crow

Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 020Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 049Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 010Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 056Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 111Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 102Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 094Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 071Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 081Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 059Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 045Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 083Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 106Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 067Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 074Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 095Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 065Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 041Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 099Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 035Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 058Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 075Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 027Watermark Flowers Photos (082513) Vault 088Watermark Flowers

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions

Quote & Flower for the Day

“One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk.”

Tshunka Witko

Mitakuye Oyasin

Dohiya, Red Crow


Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Wild Vine Flowers

Vine Flowers (81214) VaultWatermark Vine Flowers (081213) VaultWatermark Vine Flowers (81215) VaultWatermark Vine Flowers (81217) VaultWatermark Vine Flowers (81216) VaultWatermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions



Flamingos LA Zoo Photos Vault 089Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 083Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 103Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 097Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 141Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 143Watermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions



DuckWatermark2 DuckWatermark3 DuckWatermark4 DuckWatermark5

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Tiger…Here Kitty Kitty

LA Zoo Photos Vault 212Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 181Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 210Watermark LA Zoo Photos Vault 216Watermark TigerWatermark1 LA Zoo Photos Vault 176Watermark Tiger Photos

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Flowers for the Day

Hello all, great day…I hope this post finds everyone doing well, healthy and happy.  I do not know what these flowers are called, but they are gorgeous…I love them and hope you all appreciate their beauty as deeply as I do…Many Blessings my friends.  Red Crow

Flowers for the Day Flowers Photos 046Watermark Flowers Photos 047Watermark Flowers Photos 049Watermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Twin Birds of Paradise

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen this before…in all my years of gardening and having Birds of Paradise in my Yards, this is my very first experience finding a Double Bloom Twin Bird of Paradise…its beautiful and very special…I am happy have the photos of it because they have a short life span…let me know if any of you have ever seen this before.  Many Blessings All…Red Crow

Double Bloom Bird of Paradise Photos (080913) Vault 010Watermark Double Bloom Bird of Paradise Photos (080913) Vault 012Watermark Double Bloom Bird of Paradise Photos (080913) Vault 016Watermark Double Bloom Bird of Paradise Photos (080913) Vault 019Watermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Flower for the Day

May the beauty that this flower beholds Brightens your day…Many Blessing, and Mitakuye Oyasin, Dohiya my WordPress Family. Red Crow

Flower for the Day

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


Flower for the Day


Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


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