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Today’s Humor…

Prayer for Money
A little boy wanted $100 badly and prayed for two weeks but nothing happened. Then he decided to write a letter to the Lord requesting the $100.

When the postal authorities received the letter addressed to the Lord, USA, they decided to send it to the White House. The President was so impressed, touched, and amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $5.00 bill, as this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy.

The little boy was delighted with the $5.00, and sat down to write a thank-you note to the Lord. It read: Dear Lord, Thank you very much for sending me the money. However, I noticed that for some reason you had to send it through Washington, DC and as usual, those jerks deducted $95.

Today’s Humor…

Top 10 Chuck Norris Facts

When Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris died 20 years ago, Death just hasn’t built up the courage to tell him yet.

Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life.

Fear of spiders is aracnaphobia, fear of tight spaces is chlaustraphobia, fear of Chuck Norris is called Logic.

Chuck Norris doesn’t call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.

Once the cop pulled over Chuck Norris. The cop was lucky to leave with a warning.

Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn’t dead it is just afraid to move.

There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because nobody crossed Chuck Norris and lived.

Death once had a near-Chuck Norris experience.

Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him.

Today’s Humor…

Three Nuns

Three nuns were attending a Yankee baseball game. Behind them sat three men. Because the nuns’ habits were partially blocking the view, the men decided to pester the nuns, hoping they’d get annoyed enough to move to another area.

In a very loud voice, the first guy said, “I think I’m going to move to Utah. There are only 100 nuns living there.”

Then the second guy spoke up and said loudly, “I want to move to Montana. There are only 50 nuns living there.”

The third guy yelled, “I want to go to Idaho. There are only 25 nuns living there.”

The mother superior turned around, looked at the men, and in a very sweet and calm voice said, “Why don’t you go to hell. There aren’t any nuns there.”

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015…

Wishing All here on WordPress a Very Magical Christmas Time, Happy Holidays and let’s all connect for the New Year 2015.

Let’s create collectively successes for 2015 my friends…

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays…

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all here at WordPress. I look forward to connecting with you all to start 2015 off with a New Year full of great health & happiness, creativity & productivity all wrapped up nicely in a world of success. Til then, take great care and let’s connect.

Best Wishes,

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Music by Michael Red Crow Mulholland available on every Internet music digital music venue there are. iTunes.com, Spotify, Reverbnation, MySpace, Amazon, Amazon On Demand, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, iHeart, you name it, I’m on it, so, get Music by Michael Mulholland as I using all monies as proceeds for The Wounded Warrior Project and other charitable organizations out there to help us Veterans, healing PTSD, finding jobs, gifts, getting our soldiers re associated with civilian life. Music links below. I hope you purchase my music for yourself or as of gift. One more thing. The Commanding General of the US Air Force NATO is helping me out by sharing my music with the troops of all units, divisions & branches and my chart ratings are extremely high, as of today I’m #13 in the charts on Reverbnation in all of Los Angeles. That’s #13 in a few million artists. In the world chart ratings, I’m around the 500 to 600 throughout the world, out several million artists on Reverbnation, I’d say that I’m blessed to be that high in the charts. And thanks to all that support me and my music, and for supporting my efforts in contributing to The Wounded Warrior Project and helping out our Veterans as they are deeply in need of it. As a veteran, I know the trauma it leaves one with. The scars aren’t visible, but the wounds are bleeding in the memories most certain from the horrific experiences from combat. Help me in helping them please.

Please visit and purchase my music for a worthy honorable cause.

iTunes.com/SonsoftheSecond my all combat veteran band

And so many many more digital music venues.

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Thank you all for following. I sincerely appreciate it. Many blessings,

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Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day. Thank You to all who have and are serving our Great Nation. Hoorah, Semper Idem Semper Fi, USMC Vet. Award Winning Singer Songwriter Film Composer Producer Publisher Photographer…

Michael Red Crow Mulholland
USMC Veteran
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Pumpkin Colored Flowers for the Day…

Todays flowers are Pumpkin Colored Orange in light of The Falling Leafs Time Autumn and the Celebration of All Hallows Eve. Halloween, Spooky Times are two days away. My Twin boys are all prepared. Kieran will be Captain America for his School Costume and Killian will be Spider Man for his School Costume. The Halloween night, Kieran will be a Storm Troopers from Star Wars and Killian is Darth Vader. We’re going to have so so so so so so so much fun…Mommy & Daddy are so excited for them and we cannot wait. And people from other cities travel to our neighborhood because, well, its very nice and us home owners go way out when it comes to decorating our homes and yards with scary spooky Halloween Décor…always been this way for decades. thousands of people, so many there are lines from the home owners doors to the street…it is crazy…


Anyway, here are a few pumpkin colored flowers for the day…

Today's Photos (102814) Vault 080 Watermark Today's Photos (102814) Vault 058 Watermark Today's Photos (102814) Vault 074 Watermark Today's Photos (102814) Vault 057 Watermark Today's Photos (102814) Vault 055 Watermark

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions Los Angeles ~ © 2014

Flower for the Day…

May this flower bless you with calmness & peace. Have a safe, happy & fun, blessed day, every day you live. MIMG_1163-0.JPG

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I had to show you this is what I saw

Originally posted on Tell Me About It!:

I had to show you this is what I saw
It is hard to explain so I just
had to show you

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Still Life

Originally posted on Broken Light: A Photography Collective:

Photo taken by contributor Johanna, a 36-year-old guidance counselor from Finland. She has family members and friends who have suffered or continue to suffer from mental health challenges, such as severe depression and bipolar disorder. Many of her students also have different kinds of mental health issues and as a guidance counselor it is her job to try to help them, for example by creating personalized study plans to support their recovery to full health. She also hopes to one day start using the method of Empowering Photography (developed in Finland by Miina Savolainen) in her work. Johanna enjoys photographing nature and her everyday surroundings, as well as music photography.

About this photo: “This is from my photo shoot a few weeks back. ‘Pelastusvene’ means life boat in Finnish. It’s there but not needed. Calm lake, serene morning. No need for a life boat. And yet, there’s a lot of still life in the shot.

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At the Copa…Copa Cabana ~ Flaming Flamingo…

Good day my friends, I hope this post finds everyone well, healthy, happy and safe.  It was a lovely day today in Los Angeles as its officially “Falling Leaves Time”of the year for us Cherokee, aka, Fall, Autumn, simply my favorite time of year. The cooler weather, the colors of nature saying…Donadagohvi dohiya (Until Next Time,) when spring blossoms color us with beauty anew. For me, this time of year is of great spiritual importance. As with my Cherokee (Tsalagi) totem, the Bear is my strength, thus I must be prepare for the cold harsh and brittle winter when all’s asleep. Time to gather the fruits and foods to give me strength to last throughout the winter solstice. As with the Bear being my strength, the Crow is my spirit bird. The Crow is my feathers that carry not only my prayers to the Great Spirit, but my soul, when it’s time to change worlds. My Cherokee (Tsalagi) name Red Crow comes from the Red Rivers that flow through my body, the red river that gives and sustains life, and the Crow as my spirit, it is a spirit that can adapt anywhere and everywhere (just about.) I am the Crow, truly…I have adapted and have the ability to adapt to any and all changes as my life has been one of constant change. And I love that. Even as I now and have had roots planted over the past 14 years, I still encounter change and am easily and readily adaptive.  It’s quite an interesting topic, one that cannot be explained in words. But I am sure you all get the gist so I will now move on to my post…

This is my most favorite capture of all my Photography…I snapped this with my old Canon 450d, the very first time ever at photography. The Canon 450d was and is a great starter camera for those like me, wanting to learn and experience life behind the lens. I’m still surprised that I captured this photo. As humble as I am, in all my work, projects, productions, songwriting, film scoring, producing, singing, performing music on different instruments, and now going through the throws of passion…yes, indeed I said passion! It is a true passion. Art! Whether it’s musical or photography, dancing, theater, all arts are of passion, a special gift we’re born with, or developed a niche for, as in myself.

I was always in front of cameras, moving pictures and stills, and was fascinated by the end result. I never knew I could do it until I actually purchased, spent a grand on a good consumer brand digital camera and a couple of pretty good matching lenses.

Since then, back in Spring of 2013, catching and missing all the heated curve balls of lessons in photography, still ignoring the book and websites of trick or treat tips & tricks…simply turning knobs and pushing buttons of trap & snap photography and since then…I’ve upgrade to the Canon 5D mkIII with incredible lenses and swam through the blue clear pool of lessons on the quite much more expensive of cameras from that of the 450d. What a tremendous difference in photography, an amazing difference and I’m incredibly happy with the Canon 5D mkIII that I’m going to purchase another 5D mkIII body so I can shoot with one with a wide angle lens or macro, and the other with my telescopic lens, just like the pro’s.

So…am I in the majors? Or still the minors? Good question! I’m always happy to see the Likes however I’d be even more grateful for comments. Comments about the shot. To better myself as a photographer.

I’m hoping, praying to one day seeing one of my photos on Nat Geo website, or to win a dollar photo contest, heck, keep the buck, just being chosen makes me happy. :)

Moving on. Moving on from town to town. Bad Company, Paul Rogers, my most favorite and most influence in being a vocalist and simply the thought that Paul Rogers knows who I am makes me stutter. I don’t have an influence in photography, I not educated in photography. But I can say that I have several here on WordPress that inspire me, that I admire their talents and AIM to snap like they…and soon, perhaps, I shall. I must start traveling up California’s coast into some greener areas, with more landscapes and more beautiful nature to capture. As I’m into photographing nature, wildlife, fields and old barns, things of historical nature, and the obvious flower photography because that’s all I personally enjoy capturing here in Los Angeles. And this capture of this beautifully stunning flaming flamingo says it all about me and my relations to photography. This is what I want more of. And I have plenty of time now that our twins are in school. I’ll have to divide my days of the week into one day all studio recording of music and producing, one day for business, one day for hiking & climbing, one day for range shooting/firearms training others & practice for myself, one day for classroom daddy, a day for social networking, although I do that throughout each day however, devoting a solid day of social networking for branding and marketing for my music and film productions is a must, also time devoted for veterans as I’m highly devoted to assisting veterans like me, getting the well deserved help they need. I love to be busy. I’ll be very busy with my brothers at Home Lodge #721, and always busy busy busy busy busy…with my boys and wife…I reckon I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Ya think? Uh huh!

Moving right along, let me introduce you to the Flaming Flamingo…

Flamming Flamingo

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography © 2014 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions


My 50th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, 24, September, I encountered a huge milestone, I made it to 50 years of this most amazing life I’ve been blessed with. All the adventures, experiences, both tough & simple, fun & exciting, troublesome & emotional, happiness & sadness, good & bad times, the roller coaster of life, dealing with PTSD, fighting it head on like mat time & sparring in the martial arts of life, remembering times I’ve forgotten, need to forget along with times I love remembering, my youth, and let me tell you this, in youth, we all face & have faced tough times, it’s what you do with it that makes you, defines you, or lures you strayed off the beaten path, it’s the life changing moments, the very experiences that made me who I am. I’ve always, my whole life, never took anything for granted, no self entitlements, no not earning all that I’ve succeeded in, all the hard work I’ve thrown into the lava spewing volcano of this most beautiful & blessed life of mine.

My wife of 23 years, my four most amazing children, two that are now 26 & 24, including my most brilliant & beautiful amazing 5 year old twin boys, my mom, my family, my friends, my fans world wide, the thousands of birthday greetings & wishes I’ve received both through snail mail & social networks, I cannot begin to go through the entire dictionary to discover all the words to express just how grateful & blessed I am. Thank you from every part of my heart.

My day started off with nothing more precious, touching, very emotionally touching…something I’ll cherish to the end of days. A song vocally performed in perfect harmony from the two most precious 5 year old sons a daddy could only dream for, and my dreams are a reality, thank you God. It was Kieran Sequoyah & Killian Crow, a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday sung just for me, from their most beautiful tender most endearing priceless heedful loving hearts directly injected into mine.

Now onto my birthday Day!

For my birthday, I got dressed up in my USMC BDU’s with my commendation lapel pins fixed appropriately, put on my carrier vest, filled the pockets with my rifle magazines, headed to Angeles Ranges here in the mountains of Los Angeles. With a fully loaded truck with my rifles & pistols, and ammo cases. I treaded steadfast with Godspeed and had a most fabulous day shooting at a ten inch diameter iron target at 100 yards. I started out first with my Ruger .22 Long Rifle. Fired 200 rounds and literally, shockingly, missed only 4 times. 4 out of 200 rounds in moderate to mild changing wind conditions at 100 yards with a ten inch diameter iron plate is pretty darn good at my age considering the permanent and greatly painful nerve damage in both arms. I have neuropathy in both arms. I had, four years past, ulnar nerve relocation surgery. That is, the surgeon cuts from the forearm half way from the wrist up past the elbow into the tricep, carves out a new groove, then places the nerve into that new groove, then covers it with what ever the surgeon covers it with, a mystery to me as I’m not a surgeon. The ulnar nerve, better known as the funny bone, is now relocated to the top of my arm. I had that surgery on both arms two months apart. In total, I’ve had three major surgeries on both elbows including three on each shoulder. So, my arms aren’t what they used to be. Much weaker, and unstable, shaky and painful, very painful. But it doesn’t stop me. Nothing can stop me but death itself, and even in death I’ll still remain unstoppable, thank you God, The Great Architect of All that is Life.

Furthering on, after my fun with my .22 LR, I upgraded to my Remington 770 30.06, also known as a 30 ought 6. A high powered, high velocity long distance rifle with a blasting impact that would literally take the head completely off the body, with a shoulder breaking aching recoil that moves the body. This rifle was used as a sniper rifle along with other rifles for sniping in Vietnam. Then throughout the 70’s to current times, became a fantastic & most popular sport & hunting rifle. With this rifle, I fired 100 rounds still at the 100 yard mark still with the ten inch diameter iron target, only missing once. Amazingly once. And it hurt like a you know what but it was most excitingly fun.

Moving on to my AR-15. Most, if not all folks know this rifle to be, or mean it to be an Assault Rifle, and of course, it is used by military and law enforcement for such purposes however, AR doesn’t stand for, or mean Assault Rifle. It means Armalite Rifle. They look seriously scary, but as with all firearms, it’s no more or less dangerous than anything other firearm when in the hands of a criminal or plain straight out bad guy mental case. If one was to take the pistol grip and the vertical fore grip off including the adjustable buttsock, it would look just like any other rifle, and manufacturers of this caliber rifle make them also to look like a regular rifle, it’s simply the furniture on them that scares people. It’s a .223 cal rifle or in my case, mine is a 5.56 NATO Military/Swat Issue AR.

Well…I only had fifty rounds of ammo with me for this rifle and it proved to be a highly effective and is a seriously accurate rifle, and it’s recoil is nothing, especially compared to my 30.06 or .50 cal. shoulder breakers. I have an expensive 11 setting Red Dot Optics scope on it that proves it’s accuracy, however, the slightest nano of a millimeter head/eye/body adjustment, it’s a miss on a ten inch diameter iron target. Now If it were a larger target and such as the human body, in a combat situation, it’s a no miss hit. Highly accurate. That’s why this rifle took the place of the M-16, even though M-16’s are still in use, the Armalite Rifle, AR-15 is noticeably a much lighter rifle and with ability of adding just the right furniture to it, holding it, carrying it, maneuvers with this rifle are great, outstanding, awesome for sweeping structures, side shooting, long distanced shooting, close quarter combat, really, the all around usage of this rifle is great, especially for hunting as well as target shooting or self/home defense, although I don’t use mine for home & self defense, I stick with my handguns for that. Particularly my Glock 23 Gen 3 .40 cal and my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .9 mm. Both are best on the market, best in manufacturing of pistols, incredibly accurate, and ease of use that I highly recommend these two for self & home defense pistols.

Wow, I totally got off topic of my birthday day. So, I still have my skills. I’m still a grade A shooter even with a disability, a disadvantage due to my handicaps, but I’m hitting the range once to twice per week. One day rifles at long distance and one day indoor range for pistol training.

Moving on. After my fantastic day at the range, I picked up my boys from school and spent the rest of the day & evening with them, like my everyday, with my boys, with my family. My precious wife bought a delicious cake to eat. Our boys helped me blow out the candles and celebrated our birthdays together as their birthday is the 15th of September and mine is the 24th, and my wife’s birthday is the 25th as her dads is the 25th as well, and we celebrated my older sisters birthday that is on the 26th and my dads birthday is the 30th, of both, my older sister & my dad have moved on to another life in the stars in heaven. So we had this amazing week to say the least. I’m so incredibly grateful, fortunate and blessed. Not a doubt in my mind body & soul, that I am truly Blessed.

The week before my milestone birthday, I had a most amazing event as well. Degree night at the Masonic Home Lodge #721 with my brothers, my MASONIC brothers at the lodge with my dearest brother Worshipful Master Michael David performing the ceremony. A beautiful. A most spiritually moving, soul touching ceremony of rites and rituals of being a Freemason. I’m a seventh generation of 33rd degree Master Masons and Scottish Rite Masons along with being a fourth generation Veteran. Its beautiful & spiritual way of life, that is intertwined with my Cherokee heritage, spiritual and traditional way of life. It’s called, being a real, true human being and an ever growing way of life. Becoming a better man, a better human being, my personal path to enlightenment. My life’s ultimate op & universally perpetually forever ongoing growing, paving the path to enlightenment. And I, the very same as throughout my past, shall not stray from this path. I love living, giving, caring, sharing, anything and everything that is of goodness in life, I Love passionately.

Here are some photos, if you all would like to see, my military USMC BDU’s with my firearms & decorations. Along with some very special gifts I shall cherish and pass down to my children, from a dear friend and XO, Two very special stars, the flag of The United States of America along with a post card from Afghanistan, from the Commanding General of the United States Air Force NATO, Brig. General John E. Michel. This was the most honorable gesture ever in my life. To be acknowledged and thanked for my service and for being such a committed Patriot to our Great Nation. And when a Brig. General follows you on Twitter and loves your music, you’d better be like me, on cloud nine. Such a great honor, from a great XO, an incredible leader. I’ll follow Brig. General Michel into battle any day, any time. And being on his short list of personal private security is an honor to be cherished. Thank you Brig. General. You’re a true & great leader and I’m forever honored to be on your staff. I’ll protect you with everything and all I am. Hoorah!!!

Many blessings my dearest WordPress family…





It’s all that simple!

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Life Through The Lens – Part II – September 18 Image


Outstanding capture! Great B&W

Originally posted on Photobycraig's Blog:

Since I am heading to Europe this afternoon I am posting the image of the day early. This is a shot of reeds at Grindstone Marsh. I did like the colour image at first but after playing with the Black & White image I like it more.


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Love this capture, outstanding shot!

Originally posted on n. vujosevic photography:

it has been a while since i have posted anything on my site and the only explanation i can give is that life happened, both extremely devastatingly and wondrously, and the rest fell to the way side. i am ready to come back and will do so with posting photos that i’ve unearthed from old memory sticks and recent journeys. i hope you enjoy, i’m happy to be sharing the world from behind my lens again.


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Cedar Waxwing’s #40 & #41


Outstanding capture! I wish we, in LA California had an array of birds to capture. This shot is great!

Originally posted on talainsphotographyblog:

Cedar Waxwing 041

A Cedar Waxwing from the farm. A little out of focus but I liked the angle of the first shot. I believe that it is the same bird in both images and that the bottom one is before the top. He was just fluffing up his feathers and then eventually flow off.

Cedar Waxwing 040

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Weekend Wanderings – Snapping the City in the Dark


Outstanding photo!

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

Last Sunday I went into the city for another Social Snappers Photography Excursion for a night photography session. We met at the MCG at 6pm, ended up at Flinders Street Station, and finished around 9.30. The idea was that we would start on the bridge that goes over the train lines, photograph the city from there, then slowly make our way along Birrarung Marr and end up at Flinders Street Station, or near there, to photograph car trails. I knew the area from riding a bike a few years ago, but I had never tried to photograph it, so it was new for me too.


The plan had been to try and get the sunset, but by the time we got there it was pretty much over, I think it was because there were no clouds.  One day, I will get it.  It was a beautiful clear night so we couldn’t complain…

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Day 269/1000


Outstanding capture!

Originally posted on J.D. Kittles Photography:

Today is a special milestone in my photography. Explanation time – the numbers I put as the title have two meanings. The first one tells of the picture of the day for this year. The second number is the total number of days I’ve taken a picture of the day. So today is my 1,000th day in a row I’ve taken a picture of the day. I went out to get sunset shots this evening because it looked so cool. Not bad for my 1,000th picture of the day in my opinion.

I want to personally thank everyone who has followed, liked, and commented on my blog these past couple of years. It is greatly appreciated. Now on to my next 1,000 pictures.

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ISIL Threat To World…

Good evening,

I just addressed the nation about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

Let’s be clear: While this group may call itself the “Islamic State,” it is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. Nor is it a “state.” It is not recognized by any government, nor by the people it subjugates.

This is nothing but a terrorist organization with no vision or goal other than to slaughter all who stand in its way. While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, these terrorists have threatened America and our allies. And the United States will meet this threat with strength and resolve.

Already, our military has conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes over the past month against ISIL targets in Iraq — strikes that have protected American personnel and facilities, killed hundreds of ISIL fighters, and helped save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

Going forward, our objective is clear: We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy.

Here is what that strategy looks like.

First, we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. Working alongside the Iraqi government, we’ll expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people to hit ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense. And we will continue to hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, whether in Iraq or Syria. They will learn what leaders of other terrorist organizations have already learned: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.

Second, we will increase our support to the forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. We will send an additional 475 service members to Iraq to support Iraqi and Kurdish security forces. These American forces will not have a combat mission. But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence, and equipment — and tonight, I again called on Congress to give our military the additional authorities and resources it needs to train and equip the Syrian opposition fighters.

Third, working with our partners, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks. Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding, counter its warped ideology, improve our intelligence, strengthen our defenses, and stem the flow of foreign fighters into and out of the Middle East.

And fourth, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the innocent civilians displaced by this terrorism organization. This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims who have borne the brunt of this terror, as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities.

I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL. But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the President and Congress work together. So I welcome congressional action to support this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting this danger.

This mission will not be like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil. This effort will be a steady and relentless approach to take out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting our partners on the front lines.

This is American leadership at its best: We stand with people who fight for their own freedom. And we rally other nations on behalf of our common security and common humanity.

When American forces helped prevent the massacre of civilians trapped on Mt. Sinjar, here is what one of them said:

“We owe our American friends our lives. Our children will always remember that there was someone who felt our struggle and made a long journey to protect innocent people.”

That is what the United States of America does. That is the difference we make in the world. And moving forward, our own safety and security depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation, and uphold the values that we stand for.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama


























Flowers Photography June Series Vol.#2…

Here are my most Beautiful & Stunning shots of my community, neighborhood Flowers…I think I achieved some nice photography this year although, as I stated in my previous Flowers Photography June Series Vol.#1 post, there aren’t that many blossoms this year around…so I snapped what I could. Hope and pray next year will provide more Stunning Blooms than this year has.  Perhaps it is the hot humid muggy weather we have been experiencing here in Los Angeles from the storms back east. Who knows, but the Climate Scientists and Experts on Climate Change and of course Global Warming. I have certainly felt, seen and sense the differences and comparisons to previous years that I do believe in Climate Change whether or not it is the norm of Mother Earths Nature in full circle however, She does change quite often. Non the less, Mother Earth is Precious and Beautiful and I am most fortunate and blessed to live and have experienced a very blessed life.

Photography has helped me considerably with my PTSD, its not easy being a Veteran, let alone being me, an artist, and of course Music is my Cure All of Cures, besides my Incredible & Most Precious Children & My Wife.  But when I have music down time, I feel that there is nothing to do, kind of being lost without it.  However, as I am now in the Mixing and Mastering phase of my new Production of the Metal/Hard Rock Band “Stories of Solitude,” coming soon to every Digital Music Outlet on the Internet, including iTunes, Amazon, Target Stores, Spotify, Reverbnation, MySpace, Facebook Music, YouTube Music  and much more, that’s keeping me quite busy and now that my boys have started school full time gives me ample time to do things for me, a change I am yet to get accustomed to. Being a stay at home daddy for five straight years doing nothing but spending every second of the day seven days a week with my twin boys, and now suddenly I have 7 hours to fill, its quite an odd feeling and taking some time to adjust. But with a little more time in making certain the mixes and mastering are perfected, the album “Salvation” will be officially released to the world and I am, and the boys in the band are so very excited about this.  This album will succeed and I will make certain of that. Through all my social networks, spreading the word, through friends, family, fans, success is the obvious. So, all you Metal/Hard Rock Music Fans, get ready, cause its a coming soon.

Now onto photography. Introducing my June Series Vol.#2 Flowers Portfolio. Enjoy, please share, please comment, engage with me, I love that and honor it.

Many Blessings All, Michael

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Chief Bill Baker says Cherokee Nation thriving, Not just Surviving!!!

State of the Nation Address…by Chief Bill Baker of the Cherokee Nation of Tahlequah, OK.

O Si Yo Brother & Sisters, Aunts & Uncles, & Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah OK, Cherokee NC, and Everywhere You All May Be.

This is makes me so proud of my heritage, Scottish Irish Cherokee. Although I am Eastern Band Cherokee, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1790 Cherokee Registrar, We Are One, as No Cherokee sees it any differently.  We are Cherokee.  We Survived the most heinous act by a man hailed as a True American Hero, but he was far from that at all, not even close. When President Andrew Jackson gave to Hostile order of the Georgia Removal Act in the early to mid 1800’s, it was brutal, inhumane, and a devastation to the Cherokee People.  The very People known as the First Five Civilized Tribes.  We conducted ourselves in every aspect and manners of the European Settlers who in turn stole our lands, our lives.  However well advanced, the white man did not like that. The one thing they wanted, to convert us to they, their ways, all things White European, and thus we accustomed ourselves and became what we believe, a very threat, in which we weren’t. We became business men, we dressed the part, we became plantation owners, yes, plantation owners and owners of Slaves that we treated like family unlike that of the White man way. We built schools and educated our children, we adapted like a Crow in every part of the World. Sequoyah (George Guess,) an illiterate, could not read nor write, in his genius, invented the Cherokee (Tsalagi) Alphabet and thus taught our people how to read and write in our very own language thus introducing the first Cherokee Newspaper of its kind, anywhere, everywhere, The Phoenix. We were honorable, noble, trustworthy, kind loving Humans, but that wasn’t good enough for President Andrew Jackson, a man hailed a hero.  He is far a disgrace to me, but I am forgiving and I do recognize the greatness in his accomplishments, just not pertaining to my ancestors.

However the case may be, in the dead of winter, with rifles pointed in our faces, we were forced out of home, taken with us none of our belongings let along clothing, items to keep warm, food, the necessities to travel a distance unknown to us.  Frightened and Distraught, we hadn’t a choice, refuse or be killed. So on our way we walked, walked in Snow, Fierce Winter Blizzards, No Clothing for warmth, no foods, no medicine, nothing but our minds bodies and souls, a people together on The Trail of Tears. Over 4000 perished on that 865 Mile trek to Indian Territory. The best advantage we Cherokee’s had going for us was, that by the time the 1700’s came to light, us Cherokee were already inter0racially mixed blood with the Scottish, Irish and German. By the time of the Georgia Removal by the Coward himself, Andrew Jackson, we were so white in appearance, no one person could tell if we were white or Cherokee.  That’s where greatness came forth.  Many, many, so many, the numbers cannot ever be counted, a forever unknown for an eternity.  That being mixed blood, us Cherokee found means of vanishing, escaping the Trail of Tears and moving out of sight to the north, the south, back to the east, and to the west. Fortunate were the Cherokee north of Georgia in North Carolina, Cherokee Carolina where we still Thrive there today as we did yesterday, they stayed and hid, took shelter in Caves.  But for the Tahlequah Cherokee’s, they had a more than tough journey.  Losing more than 4000 Cherokee on the Trail of Tears, the extermination of our race, heritage, culture, the Cherokee, we won.  We didn’t perish as a whole, and we embrace and celebrate our ancestors we lost along the way.  For through their spirits, we lived, we grew, we regrouped, we re constituted our Government, our people together, the Cherokee, The Real People, The Real Humans. I am proud of my heritage and ancestors.  And the very fact that the Scottish and Irish faced the same attempt at termination of a race, a culture, a heritage and tradition by the English, by the Vikings, and so on and so on, we aren’t any different at all. Scottish, Irish and Cherokee faced the very same life challenges, live or to be killed, and all three thrive today and will for an eternity. I bow my head as I pray to my ancestors on that Trail, the Trail of Tears, but today, I smile, and not shed tears, for I am most grateful. Thanks to Great Chief as Bill Baker and his predecessors, we will continue to grow stronger each and every day and thrive together as a Nation, under God, as a People Together and always and forever remain The Real Humans, The Cherokee. Please, enjoy this article From Bill Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Dohiya

Chief Bill Baker

Principal Chief Bill John Baker gives the annual State of the Nation address on Aug. 30 at the Cherokee Courthouse lawn in Tahlequah, Okla., with a key message that 175 years after Cherokees walked the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee Nation is thriving. WILL CHAVEZ/CHEROKEE PHOENIX

Chief says CN thriving, not just surviving!!!

Chief Bill Baker 2


09/03/2014 09:02 AM
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Principal Chief Bill John Baker gave the annual State of the Nation address on Aug. 30 at the Cherokee Courthouse lawn with a key message that 175 years after Cherokees walked the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee Nation is not just surviving in northeastern Oklahoma but thriving.

Baker said the red brick courthouse is a symbol of the strong spirit living within the CN because people who had just experienced one of the worst tragedies in American history built it.

“It was 175 years ago, we arrived here in eastern Oklahoma and began our greatest chapter – building the largest, most advanced tribal government in the United States,” he said. “Our ancestors were pulled from their homes in the east, forced into stockades and marched here to Indian Territory by a federal government that tried to brutally extinguish us. But in 1839, right here in Tahlequah, we reconstituted our government and we rebuilt our schools. We rebuilt our courts and recreated the commercial success we had in the southeast.”

Baker thanked Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, members of his Cabinet and the Tribal Council for working for the Cherokee people and for helping place the CN on a strong footing.

“And we commend all our employees at the Cherokee Nation and say to each and every one of you, wado. We could not have done it without you,” he said.

We believed the purpose of a good government, a strong government and a fair government is to make life better for its citizens.

– Principal Chief Bill John Baker

Baker also highlighted the investments the CN is making to benefit the Cherokee people such as building new homes, expanding health centers and services and creating jobs.

“As principal chief, my goal is a simple one: make the lives of Cherokees better, and do it every day. Every decision is based on that goal. That is the definitive mission,” he said. “We believed the purpose of a good government, a strong government and a fair government is to make life better for its citizens. And we are succeeding.”

More homes, better health care and increased hope through education and jobs are a result of the tribe’s investments in its people, he added. One of the highlights of that investment is the number of Cherokees the CN is employing in its government and businesses.

“We employ more than 9,000 people in northeast Oklahoma, and more than 80 percent of them are Cherokee, compared to less than 70 percent three years ago,” he said. “That’s more than 1,200 (who) are Cherokees working for their tribe. That’s more Cherokees taking home paychecks to their families, and 1,200 more Cherokees who know their tribe is here for them.”

All of the tribe’s successes have a $1.3 billion dollar economic impact on Oklahoma, he said.

“As the largest employer in the 14 counties, we are the engine that is driving this economy,” Baker said. “Across the 14 counties, we’ve rebuilt roads and torn down crumbling bridges, rebuilding them from the ground up.”

He provided examples of the tribe’s work in communities such as expanding waterlines in Nowata to provide safe drinking water, building a water tower in West Siloam Springs and completing water sanitation projects in Oaks and Locust Grove. The CN also continues to give annual cash donations to volunteer fire departments in the tribe’s 14-county jurisdiction.

“These investments help better people’s lives. The Cherokee Nation has proven time and time again to be the critical piece in what drives prosperous communities,” he said.

About a year ago, Baker announced a plan to overhaul the CN’s health system. Four health centers in Ochelata, Stilwell, Sallisaw and Jay are under construction or are finished. Also, the CN has budgeted more than $60 million for a new hospital in Tahlequah.

“Our casinos have grown to be very profitable. So we called for $100 million dollars from our casinos to be use for new health facilities for our people,” he said. “Having profitable casinos is wonderful, but it is useless if it doesn’t benefit our people in the ways they need it most, like health care.”

Baker said he believes the tribe’s ancestors would be proud of the progress being made and where the tribe is headed.

“It was 175 years ago that hope carried our people through unimaginable hardship,” he said. “Our ancestors would be proud of where we have been, the progress we are making today and where we are going. We owe it to them to continue and protect that sacred legacy.”

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Music Update: Michael Mulholland #14 in the Music Charts…

Yes, my friends, I am now #14 in the Music Charts for all of Los Angeles thanks to you, friends on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.  Thank you most sincerely….

While expressing gratitude, please allow me to inform you all that my All Veterans Hard Rock Band is Gaining Quite a Bit of popularity.  I have emailed my music to the Commanding General of the US Air Force NATO John E. Michel in Afghanistan, a dear friend and even though I have been in civilian status since 1986, he is still my CO. He is loving my music and sharing it with his fellow Aviators in his network and sharing my music with our men and women in Uniform serving our Great Nation abroad.  I am most grateful to the General, and am so excited about all this.

Furthermore, I have expanded on sales distribution via Every Single Digital Media Music Outlet Online and also providing the option of purchasing physical Mechanical CD’s at Amazon, Target and other venues on the internet while still providing the best of services via downloading copies via iTunes.com/MichaelMulholland and iTunes.com/SonsoftheSecond.

Support us Veterans Supporting Each Other.  Get your copies of my Music and help me Support Veterans and The Wounded Warrior Project that I am donating proceeds to.

Also, if not yet following me on Twitter, I am @TsalagiKid and @SonsoftheSecond and on Facebook.com/SacredCrow, would be honored to have you all join me there.

Until Next Time, Take Great Care, Many Blessings My Dear Friends

Michael Red Crow Mulholland

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Flowers Photo (061714) 238_1a

Photo by Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography © 2014 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions Los Angeles

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